MIPI DSI VMM based Verification IP

The VMM 1.0 based MIPIŽ DSI Verification IP (VIP) is compliant to the DSI MIPI Specification for Display Serial Interface Version 1.00 and DRAFT MIPI Alliance Standard for D-PHY Version 0.85.00. MIPI Specifications establish standards for hardware and software interfaces between the processors and peripherals typically found in mobile terminal systems. The MIPI DSI VIP is an interface between a digital imaging module such as a host processor and display peripheral such as an LCD. It is available as Receiver or Transmitter IP. eInfochips' MIPI DSI VIP is based on the layered architecture of object oriented programming that allows coverage driven verification suitable for verifying transmitter and receiver with either of them as DUT

MIPI HSI VIP can be used for system level verification of DUT MIPI HSI transmitter and/or receiver and for Functional Coverage generation.

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