I2C VMM-based VIP

eInfochipsí I2C VMM based VIP is highly configurable, reusable, scalable and extensible verification intellectual property that is suitable for verification of I2C Master/ Slave.
  • Complaint to I2C bus specification from Philips semiconductor, version 2.1.
  • Aimed at verifying I2C Version 2.1 compliant Master and Slave
  • Master Operation
    • Master transmitter
    • Master receiver
  • Slave Operation
    • Slave transmitter
    • Slave receiver
  • Supports all Speed Modes
    • Standard Speed Mode (upto 100 kb/s)
    • Fast Speed Mode (upto 400 kb/s)
    • High Speed Mode (upto 3.4 Mb/s)
  • Supports 7-Bit and 10-Bit addressing format
  • Supports Multi-Master system
  • Supports Multi-Slave system
  • Supports Arbitration and Clock-Synchronization
  • Supports clock stretching
  • Built in I2C Bus Monitor provides extensive protocol checking
  • Highly flexible and configurable
  • Supports various error injection and detection
  • Provides verification scalability using functional coverage
  • Provides hook-up at various stages of BFM for user interference
  • Provides UL (Upper Layer) connectivity through channel, to allow user to use external generator
  • Provides received data logging facility for UL, to provide received data (transaction) to UL using channel.
  • Uses open source VMM-1.1.

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