OVM Module based Gigabit Ethernet VC

OVM Module based VCs are reusableand can be used to establish ready-made verification environment. Each eVC is capable of acting as full verification environment or as a plug-in to an existing environment.

eInfochips' OVM Module based VCs are designed for verification of today's SoC designs. With their object-oriented architecture, eInfochips' eVCs are building blocks for establishing complex and comprehensive verification environment in very short time.

The Gigabit Ethernet OVM Module based VC can be used to verify any IEEE802.3:2000 and IEEE Draft P802.3ae/D4.0 compliant MAC or PHY device. The OVM Module based VC can be used for the functional verification of IP cores and SoC designs incorporating Ethernet MAC and PHY layer functionality and can be configured to have an unlimited number of Ethernet ports, each interfacing with one of the DUT's Ethernet ports. It works with all HDL simulators that are supported by Specman Elite™.

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