OVM 1.0 Class based SDIO Host VIP

The Secure Digital Input Output (SDIO) interface is a card interface defined to connect a SD Host Controller with four different types of cards, namely SDIO card, SD memory card, SD Combo card and Multimedia Card (MMC). SDIO is a master-slave protocol, where SD Host Controller, as a master, performs various operations like card detection, card initialization, card selection, card register read/write and also some other special operations.

  • OVM Class based (uses SV Test bench and OVM class library version 1.0 and Questa version 6.3e)
  • SD Host Specification 1.0 compliant (Barring register space implementation and host driver operations)
  • SD Specification 2.00 and SDIO Specification 2.0 Draft compliant.
  • Supports SDIO, SD Memory, SD Combo card and Multi-media cards
  • Supports single slot operation
  • Easily configurable to work as SDIO aware or non-SDIO aware host controller
  • Supports card detection on DAT [3] line in SD mode and CS line in SPI mode
  • Supports re-initializing of combo card in either SDIO only mode or SD memory only mode
  • Supports command level features such as resetting the card, setting bus width and changing bus mode (SD to SPI)
  • Supports 1-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit (for MMC Only) SD bus mode and SPI bus mode
  • Supports low speed mode, full speed mode and high speed mode operations
  • Supports single byte, single block, multiple block (finite and infinite) transfers
  • Supports MMC stream transfer operations
  • Supports direct command during data transfer (SD mode only)
  • Supports read wait operation and allows read wait control by stopping clock and by asserting DAT [2] line low
  • Supports asynchronous and synchronous abort mechanism
  • Supports Suspend/Resume card operation
  • Supports SD 1-bit, SPI mode interrupt and SD 4-bit mode card interrupts
  • Supports lock-unlock and erase operation card features
  • Supports clock disable and interrupt wake up card features
  • Supports Functional Coverage to facilitate Coverage Driven Verification
  • Supports Protocol and Transaction level checking with monitor and self checker models
  • Supports all SDIO and SD commands
  • Plug and Play use (Easy Integration with Verification Environment)

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