SAS ( Serial Attached SCSI )

With enterprise storage requirements escalating and becoming more complex, factors such as larger capacity, greater density, security, scalability and accessibility have become very critical. Serial Attached SCSI meets these demands while providing the highest performance.

The SAS verification component (VC) is a ready-made, configurable SystemC VC suitable to verify Serial Attached SCSI designs. The SAS VC is used for layer wise as well as complete design verification.

The SAS VC (Verification Component) has an object-oriented architecture that allows easy extensibility and reusability. It performs fast simulation that aids in quick design verification and optimization. The VC is used to establish a complete Verification Environment, or as a plug-in to an existing environment for system level verification.

eInfochips' SAS VC (Verification Component), developed in SystemC, offers a verification solution for SAS 1.1 specification compliant cores.

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