PS2 protocol provides bi-directional, synchronous serial interface between host micro controller and a PS2 device. The PS2 eVC represents the controller module, which can be used to verify the PS2 controller device.

PS2 eVC consists of Host agent and PS2 device agent, that generate traffic to controller DUT, and passive controller agent, that monitors transaction of controller DUT. Functional Checker and Functional Coverage of the controller module monitor protocol violation and verify functionality of controller DUT respectively. The PS2 eVC supports only Verilog environment and works with Verilog-XL simulator supported by Specman Elite.

eVCís are reusable Verification Components that can be used to establish ready-made verification environment. Each eVC is capable of acting as full verification environment or as a plug-in to an existing environment. eInfochips' eVCís are designed for verification of today's SoC designs. With their object-oriented architecture, eInfochips' eVCís are building blocks for establishing complex and comprehensive verification environment in very short time. These eVCs are

  • Flexible to integrate several eVCs
  • Extensible for future upgrades with changing technology
  • Configurable for quick orientation to your deployment
  • Customizable for particular requirements

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